With the increasing need to become more competitive and efficient, today's engineers and designers have implemented the method of modulisation.

Widely use in heavy industries, the concept of modulisation is a method of connecting the components including all the instrumentations, valves, piping components, supports and walkways to the equipments of a system (or several systems for a larger unit) and deliver as one completed single unit product usually after the test & commissioning of the module.

Quickly responding to the market, we have implemented a fully operated fabrication yard in Sattahip which has all the advantages with its waterfront proximity for heavy and highly oversized equipments and modules. With the method of modulisation, there are the potential benefits in decreasing the costs and the time for site construction. Specifically, it provides a solution to counter the increasing costs of labors in many developed countries today. With our experiences, we have completed over 1,000 modules and covered ground for industries such as Oil & Gas, Mining, and Energy.

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